Langham Brewery

So about a year ago I spent a day shooting Langham Brewery for an agency client that was working on a new site and identity for them, I never got around to sharing any of the pics so I thought a few of them would make a nice blog post, plus I love shooting reportage, but I never seem to share any of it. Hope you enjoy!

My Digital Enemy Press shoot

I’ve know Serg and Kieron since they had their first big tune, the Cry little sister remix and have had the pleasure of continuing to work with them as they’ve gone from strength to strength and collaborated on another 5 or 6 occasions over the past 4 years for various different projects they’ve been working on and the first shoot for them was actually my first real paid shoot as a photographer. 

So here’s a couple of images of the latest shoot we worked on together in their hometown of Brighton before Christmas, we split the shoot between a location in Brighton Marina and a cool little performance art studio in Kemptown.


Jim Irvin

Jim is a songwriter, broadcaster and music journalist, he’s written songs for Lana Del Ray, Michael Gray and David Guetta to name a few. I met Jim through mutual friends and he needed a new press shot, so we put a quick shoot together in the space at the back of a friends shop the following day.

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